Tailwind App Review for Pinterest and Instagram

Pinning images to Pinterest can be tiresome. Copying and pasting images to your blog could be manageable. But when you start to use Pinterest as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your website/blog post, then you need help.

You can actually try out Tailwind for free and schedule 100 pins before spending any money.

In this article, you’ll learn how Tailwind App can help you to discover and publish relevant content, maximize your reach, and measure your Pinterest performance.

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Tailwind App Review for Pinterest and Instagram, is it worth it?

Tailwind is considered the ultimate marketing tool that can help you save you time by scheduling Pinterest and Instagram posts at specific dates and times. When you schedule posts at the best time you can gain maximum exposure, engagement and sales.

As you may already know, Pinterest and Instagram are very popular social networking platforms that allow you to easily share images and photos with others, however, many people never use social media’s full potential for marketing. As of this post, Pinterest has over 350 million active users and its documented that 93% of Pinners use the site to plan future purchases. Instagram has 1 billion active users and its stats show that 60% of users discover new products on Instagram and 75% of those users take action.If used correctly, Pinterest and Instagram can be powerful marketing platforms but so let’s review some of the best benefits of using Tailwind:

  • Automate and schedule your Pinterest and Instagram posts to engage your audience at the best time.
  • Multi-board pinning, bulk image upload, hashtag lists, and the easy to use drag and drop calendar.
  • Monitor your Pinterest and Instagram followers, boards, likes, re-pins and brand mentions
  • Track results and see which content is the most effective for your Pinterest and Instagram audience.
  • Maximize your audience engagement, shares, traffic and sales.
  • Drive traffic from Pinterest to your online store or website.

The reality is that most people don’t have time to sit in front of their computer and post to Pinterest and Instagram all day.

We have jobs or projects to run.

Family: Kids,  spouses, parents, or any other person in our family that requires our time during the day.

Did we mention that in order to get the best performance of your posting, they need to be done an a specific time on the day? How are we supposed to memorize this for every single social media platform? Also, are you really going to be able to post to your social media accounts when you’re at work or on the road? And even if we do have some free time to post, most of us are not disciplined enough to consistently post at the best times, when it truly counts.

The scheduling and publishing features in Tailwind are a great time-saver. Instead of pinning one pin at a time, you can upload all your content in bulk and then use the Tailwind scheduler to spread your posts.

Tailwind allows you scheduling specific dates and times to post in advanced, gives you confidence that you’re reaching your target audience. Tailwind analytics can suggests best posting times, hashtags and more. You no longer have to set up annoying reminders on your Google Calendar or your smart phone to tell you when to post because it’s already done.

You also have the ability to bulk schedule across many boards and see data analytics. With Tailwind’s Pin Inspector, you can go back and look at data on a per-pin basis to see what’s working and what’s not, so you can focus on rescheduling pins that have the best engagement.

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Tailwind App Review: Pricing

Tailwind is available for Bloggers and Small Business (up to 100 employees) starting at $9.99/month for each account. The price includes all the features described, plus access to five Tailwind tribes, and 30 monthly tribe submissions, with the option to buy more if required.

Note: Each account includes one Pinterest profile OR one Instagram profile. So, if you plan to use both Pinterest and Instagram, then you’ll need two accounts at $19.98/month.

If you’re running a larger brand or agency, then you can get a custom plan.

Start with a free trial where you can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest. And there’s no time limit on the free trial which is great.

How Often You Should Pin

At the minimum, you should be pinning 3 times a day and up to 30 being the most. For maximum engagement, shares, and traffic, it’s highly recommended that you post 11 pins per day.

How Often You Should Post

 You should be posting at least once per day and up to 3 times at the most for Instagram. For the most engagement, shares, and traffic, it’s recommended that you post 2 times per day.

Can you commit to consistently posting throughout the day and at the best times? That’s a good question, and even if we can, wouldn’t your time be more useful in other aspects of your blog or business? There’s no doubt that Tailwind helps you work smarter and not harder. Tailwind is definitely the secret weapon for Pinterest and Instagram marketing that not too many people are aware of. Tailwind can take your social media marketing game to the next level, but which plan is best for you?

  • Plus is best for bloggers and small businesses that are just starting out on Pinterest or Instagram.
  • Pro is ideal for medium-sized businesses with a clear understanding of visual marketing.
  • Enterprise is designed for larger businesses and organizations looking to invest massively in visual marketing.

Tailwind App Review: Pro’s and Con’s


  • Create multiple posts at once from any page on the web with the Browser Extension
  • Upload new content from various sources including iOS and Dropbox
  • Use the Smart Queue to help you pin at the optimal times
  • Schedule pins faster with Board Lists
  • Join like-minded people in your Tribes to share relevant content and grow your audience
  • Measure followers, engagement trends, and virality by pin, board or category


  • The user interface is not as sharp as the functionality in Tailwind and would benefit from an update.
  • Scheduling page gets quite slow once you have a lot of pins scheduled.


Not only has Tailwind taken the pain out of posting regular content to Pinterest and Instagram, but they’ve also created a complete toolkit that helps bloggers and marketers drive relevant traffic to their site.

The insights pulled from Pinterest into Tailwind give you a full picture of how your visual content is performing. And with the addition of Tailwind Tribes, there’s no excuse for not reaching even more people with your content.

9 thoughts on “Tailwind App Review for Pinterest and Instagram”

  1. I know *so* many people who swear by Tailwind! I’ve only tried out their free trial, but I noticed a huge spike in the pins that I used during that time, so I definitely think it works. If I start to make a decent income via blogging, Tailwind will definitely be something I look into purchasing as it has so many benefits. The power of Pinterest is incredible!

  2. Yes, Pinterest is great as it can be very helpful in driving traffic to blogs and other websites. Your review of Tailwind highlights some key points. Interesting!

  3. I am yet to give tailwind a try so this post is very useful to me. I have been manual pinning for now and it can be a lot of work. Hope to look into the details of it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I used tailwind for a couple of years, then let my subscription lapse in December. Yes, they need a huge update to the interface because it’s SO SLOW when you have a lot of pins scheduled.

  5. Thank you for all this information, I have looked at tailwind previously, but did not really appreciate what it could do. Will be retooling now.

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