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StoryChief Review: Content Marketing Automation Solution

StoryChief is a content marketing automation solution that takes care of all the heavy work for you to enable you to concentrate on the bigger picture without wasting time on the smaller details, we believe this is an important way of promoting content digitally, that’s the reason of this Storychief review. You can work on a single platform for your content marketing campaigns which can help you to boost your efficiency and get more tasks done in less time.

StoryChief resolves the concern of duplicate content while posting the same content on various platforms. The software enables you to retain the SEO performance of your websites and distribute your content on multiple channels. It provides readability and SEO scores to optimize your content for search engines. Both features offer the needed information to make your posts more readable as well.

StoryChief Review: Features

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Copyrighting
  • Publish Scheduling
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Content Collaboration
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Distribution Management
  • Categorizing and Grouping
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

StoryChief Review: Benefits

StoryChief is an all-in-one content collaboration and distribution platform for social media managers and content editors.  It is a reliable system that empowers you to co-create, optimize, and share articles on multiple publishing channels from a single location.

Collaborate effectively

The application offers a simplified copywriter to editor-in-chief workflow. You can review guest writers and colleagues, obtain tips from the robust SEO function, and gain approvals from managers and clients. Organize your content calendar for scheduling and planning.

StoryChief is simple and quickly to use

One-click publishing to your social media accounts, websites, newsletters, AMP channels, and external hubs like, and more. Promote articles through employee/brand advocacy, influencers, and press. The vendor offers a free blog.

You can measure the quality of the content

Monitor and analyze your content’s performance with views, reads, and time spent on stories.

storyshief review insights overview analytics

Advanced content management

Collaborate efficiently with your team members, optimize posts for search engines, and use the services of experts who can assist with your story narration. You can also check which types of content resonate with your audience the most. You can track their performance by generating reports from real-time data.

storychief review data management performance

Custom content for social media

Refine your social posts with UTM parameters, audience restrictions, and custom content.

Plan and adapt

Manage your team efforts and content roadmap within the content calendar.

You can boost your business with your content

Add lead capture forms to your content pieces to convert visitors into paying customers.

Storychief Review: Content Distribution

By definition, the distribution of digital content by StoryChief is the method by which a brand seeks to reach both people who know it and people who do not. Thus, it offers readers interesting and useful content for them.

If we match this concept to guide it to a digital content strategy, we can understand content distribution as the technique of online marketing. The purpose is to make it more accessible to the target audience.

When users carry out their searches on the internet about something in particular, what we have to try is to capture their attention through the content. We have to add value to them and achieve the objectives (traffic exposure, leads, conversions, etc.).

For the success of any content strategy, it is essential to:

  • Create content that generates value for users and attracts them.
  • Optimize content for search engines.
  • Disseminate or distribute digital content.

What are the main distribution channels for digital content?

The distribution channels of digital content, are the vehicle through which we can bring our content to people who may be interested in it or towards to that audience you want to reach (i.e., the target of the mark or audience that you want to impact).

In this sense, the distribution of digital content can be done through payment methods or organically.

Any alternative is good to increase the reach of your campaigns. However, keep in mind that the content provided or offered cannot consist of advertisements, but rather an information that adds value if you want to be successful.

There are multiple alternatives to carry out the distribution of digital content. However, the leading digital content distribution channels that the most widely used and that currently offer the best results, are the following:

  • Facebook
  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • Linkedin

Another distribution channel is email marketing. Once you have the content ready send it to your email list, we use Convertkit and Get Response to blast our newly created content to all of our subscribers. Check our reviews and let us know what you think.

Why is StoryChief Digital Content Distribution So Important?

The reasons why it is essential to have your digital content distributed and why you need StoryChief here are:

It helps improving the online positioning of the content

If it is content optimized for an SEO strategy, that small push of visits, can make a difference when it comes to ranking that content. Popularity is a factor that gives much weight in SEO strategy.

It helps improving your branding

By offering such content on different channels, it may reach a more significant number of users so that we can make the brand known to more people.

Besides, it helps a lot to segment the audience to which it will be directed and, in this way, obtain increasingly qualified traffic.

It helps reducing your investment in brand advertising

They help to inform better and build user confidence about the products/services they offer. It also improves the potential demand for it.

StoryChief Review: Pricing

They have 3 different pricing structures, the cheapest one is $90/month if billed annually and it gets you 4 users and 1 workspace, which is enough to start generating more leads for any sales team. They also have the Agency Plan ($225/month if billed annually) if your team is more than 4 people. For us, the Team Plan is enough because it allows us to launch unlimited campaigns that can be shared on social media.

StoryChief Review: Conclusion

StoryChief is considered as an all-in-one content creation platform, it not only helps you with the distribution of digital content but also helps with your ranking on search engines. We use it for some projects and totally recommend it.

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