Missinglettr Review Post social media content flawlessly featured

Missinglettr Review: Post social media content flawlessly

This Missinglettr review discusses everything to know about the social media marketing automation tool. Reading this detailed review will provide you with the information you need to automate your social media marketing and make life much easier. We will review also its pricing and why you should consider them in your content strategy.

Social media marketing and promotion are essential aspects of digital marketing. As of 2022, 91.9% of US marketers in companies with over 100 employees were expected to use social media for marketing purposes.

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For any company, adopting social media marketing is difficult when you’re starting and want to work efficiently.

Publishing a post and keeping up with promotion on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can be overwhelming. And this is only if you want to generate brand awareness organically!

Have you heard of social media scheduling?

That can be full-time work on its own with the many different social media management apps for different tasks.

Social media marketing ends up sucking away productive hours you would have invested in business operations or keeping current clients happy.

If this sounds like the story of your life, then you will be overjoyed by the good news I bring.

MissingLettr it is an all-in-one social media marketing tool for smart and easy automation of articles, blog posts, and website pages.

Read on to explore the many incredible features of the tool and how it works.

What is MissingLettr Social Automation Tool?

MissingLettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that turns content (blog posts, articles and landing pages) into engaging social media posts and solves content distribution challenges by finding the best niche influencers for you.

Simply put – MissingLettr helps you automate social media posts, improve your social media content marketing, and automatically grow your brand one social post at a time.

With the social media automation tool, you are sure of more followers, connections, qualified traffic, leads, and more time to spend on business operations.

The software is simple, smart, and powerful and relieves you of the stress of jumping from one app to another trying to grow your social media pages. Furthermore, it allows you to connect and run all your social media accounts and Google My Business page from one dashboard.

It is more than a social media management tool.

With MissingLettr, you can:

  • Automate all tedious social media management tasks
  • Get up to a year’s worth of social media posts
  • Schedule a social media post months in advance or according to preference
  • Be in control and choose what gets posted or not
  • Drive brand awareness and engagement
  • Grow your business beyond borders
  • View all campaign metrics on your advanced analytics dashboard

And more! All you need to do is register, connect your preferred social media profiles, configure a few campaign settings, and you’re all set.

How Does MissingLettr Work?

To get started, sign up here, enter the URL of the first blog you wish to share, and connect your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

After that, MissingLettr will create your first campaign using an autopilot artificial intelligence process that delivers 365 days’ worth of social media posts for your approval. The tool gives you output based on a combination of your blog post entries and content curated from niche resources across the web.

When you click approve, the social media posts are scheduled for the year, and you won’t have to do anything else.

Each time you create new content for your blog, MissingLettr will discover it and automatically generate a new social media campaign for the post.

The tool will send you an email requesting your approval for the campaign and the scheduled posts, and you can choose to approve or edit.

The bottom line, nothing gets posted without your approval.

You relax while MissingLettr handles your social media postings and management.

How to Create a Campaign on MissingLttr

Check out this video below to see this content curation software in action (coming soon)

MissingLettr Review: Key Features and why you should sign up today

Amongst other tons of features, below are the top MissingLettr features; reasons why you should signup for an account today as MissingLttr pricing is very affordable or take a free trial.

MissingLettr Drip Campaigns

The MissingLettr drip campaign turns every blog post that you publish into social media content.

This is how it works.

The tool’s AI technology goes through every blog you publish, analyzes them, finds the right hashtags and images to use, and schedules them for your approval. An advantage is that the tool can revisit your old posts and schedule them for social media promotion. This brings the old posts back to life and opens up new avenues for traffic generation.

With MissingLettr, all you have to do is publish your post as usual, and the tool will take it up from there.

Note here that you can edit, accept or reject social media scheduled post suggestions made by MissingLettr. So you are in for zero surprises as nothing will be posted without your permission.

The social media automation tool works with WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Ghost, Medium, Squarespace, and more, so you don’t need to worry about manually uploading your blog links.

What does ‘Drip Campaigns’ mean exactly?

MissingLettr drip campaign means the tool will distribute your social media posts evenly over time.

MissingLettr Calendar

MissingLettr offers a calendar feature that helps content creators to set up their marketing schedule on the platform.

With the calendar feature, you can review scheduled posts, track your drip campaigns and curated content and handle every other thing regarding your social media automation management.

The calendar is so easy to use that a 12-year-old can easily sign in and schedule social media posts in seconds.

MissingLettr Curate

This is a new (optional) addon to the MissingLettr key features and offerings. With the curate add-on, you can simply curate and share engaging content with your followers.

This is useful to influencers and people who don’t have the time to manually search for content to share.

Curate creates a community of sharing – just like bloggers sharing pods. You can easily find engaging content to share and/or get your content shared by other users.

MissingLettr Optimizes your Social Media Content

You won’t spend time creating and resizing images to meet different social platforms’ posts and image requirements. MissingLettr automatically creates auto-sized bespoke images that look great on whichever social platform you use.

A perfect post and image for all social media networks.

Furthermore, the tool extracts quotes from your blogs and turns them into branded quote bubble images that you can share easily. These branded images are optimized for each platform and attract extra attention.

Hashtag Recommendations

MissingLettr also automatically generates post suitable hashtags for you based on the blog post you promote. You can review the suggestions and choose to remove, edit or approve them for posting.

Hashtags are important and provide an avenue to reach a new audience. MissingLettr suggests hashtags based on popularity, and you get to choose whether to use them or not.

And yes, you can also add your own hashtags and set them as default to be used in every post. This helps your online branding consistency.

Don’t like hashtags?

You can easily disable the hashtag feature.

Guest Post Promotion

Are you concerned about posts you published on other websites?

Don’t worry. MissingLettr lets you automate and share your guest posts, just like it is on your blog.

You only need to enter the guest post URL into MissingLettr, and the tool will automatically create social media drip campaign posts for the blog.

As usual, you can adjust the posts and remove the posts you don’t want before approving the campaign to make social posts for you over the next 365 days.

Medium Content Repurposing

MissingLettr also helps you repurpose your content on Medium

If you have a Medium account and don’t want to go through the stress of manually reposting on Medium, you can use MissingLettr to achieve that automatically.

You only have to connect your Medium account to MissingLettr, and your blog posts will automatically be republished on Medium whenever you want.

Content Templates

With MissingLettr, you entirely control the templates used to create and share your content. You can edit, remove and add elements to suit your writing style.

For example, MissingLettr can choose quotes from your blog for posting. However, it will offer you varieties of ways for you to frame the quote. The final decision to go with the suggestion is left to you.

Flexible Social Media Post Scheduling

By default, MissingLettr campaigns for each published blog post run for 12 months. However, you have the chance to adjust the schedule to suit your marketing needs.

You can adjust the length of the campaign, the number of posts, and the distribution of the posts. You can also choose your post distribution based on whether you want more posts at the beginning, middle, or end of the campaign.

This gives room for both your seasonal short social media blast campaigns and much longer evergreen campaigns.

Campaign Analytics

MissingLettr also has a reporting and analytics dashboard to track how your posts are performing. You can monitor the number of campaigns awaiting review, campaigns running, how many hours until the next post, total clicks on your posts, etc.

This helps you keep track of your progress and know how you’re performing on different social media platforms.

Branded Imagery

Another reason why you should sign up for MissingLettr is the branded imagery feature. MissingLettr creates branded images to go with your social media posts.

There are various themes to choose from, and you can customize them to suit your business branding. From fonts, font sizes, weight, alignment, color, background, and logo, you can edit all to fit your brand perfectly.

Furthermore, you have the option of adding custom images, automatically extracting images from the blog post, and choosing a random image, plain colored background, or dynamic images that change automatically for each campaign.

You can achieve all these with just a few clicks.

Custom URL Shorteners

Another interesting MissingLettr feature is the custom URL shortener feature. With MissingLettr, you can easily personalize your campaigns with custom URLs. You have the option to choose from several providers like Bitly, Lttr, Replug, Short.CM, PixelMe, and JotURL.

Using shortened URLs for your social media posts helps make the links driving traffic back to your blog post tidy and more presentable.

MissingLettr has lttr.ai as its default URL shortener for easy campaign tracking and performance analysis. However, you can always choose a preferred lttr.ai alternative URL shortener.

Client Approvals

To top it all, MissingLettr allows freelance social media marketers and agencies to invite their clients to approve campaigns before anything is scheduled for posting.

It is a recommended social media management tool for social media marketers who want an automated way to make juggling multiple clients easier.

The process is easy – enter the client’s email address, and they will receive an invitation to view, approve or reject the campaign. There is also room for them to add comments or feedback so you can easily implement and proceed with the campaign.

MissingLettr Pros

Like every other social media marketing automation software, MissingLettr has its benefits and downsides.

Below are the top reasons social media managers use MissingLettr;

  • MissingLettr eliminates the tedious and repetitive task of sharing and resharing content.
  • It keeps your social media accounts active with regular new posts even while you sleep or are on holiday.
  • It saves you hours of social media marketing time, so you get to spend more time on business operations.
  • The hashtag feature saves you the stress of researching for hashtags yourself. You edit to your preference, schedule, and move on.
  • It only takes a couple of minutes to generate 365 days’ worth of content from each new and existing blog post.
  • You have several templates at your disposal. You choose what works best for your social media campaign, customize them to your brand style, schedule and let MissingLettr handle the rest.

And There is More

  • The software is easy to learn, and there are several resources – blogs, webinars, training, etc. – where you can get all the help you need to get started.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and is ideal for social media automation newbies.
  • The AI social media automation tool uses natural language processing systems.
  • It is affordable even for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • Excellent customer support via live chat any day of the week; ideally Monday-Friday, UK office hours.

Sign Up Now to enjoy all these benefits and more.

MissingLettr Cons

The downsides of using MissingLettr include;

  • The hashtag generator feature doesn’t give you all the hashtags. You may need to do further hashtag research with another tool.
  • MissingLettr analytics is basic and not advanced. Although, they are working on improving that part of the tool.
  • Another downside to using MissingLettr is that the starter package – the ‘blogger/solo plan’ – doesn’t include essential features like an automatic quote, bubble generation, scheduling, multi-source for content, etc., If you want to get these features, you will need to upgrade your account.
  • No live chat support for now.

Despite these low points of the MissingLettr social media marketing tool, the software is perfect for your social media automation.

MissingLettr Pricing – Cost of MissingLettr

The good news is that MissingLettr has a trial plan which lasts 14 days. This trial version of MissingLettr can help you enjoy and explore all features and discover the suitable tool for you.

And yes, it is a no-obligation signup – you won’t need to enter your credit card information to sign up.

MissingLettr has three plans you can sign up for;

  • The MissingLettr free plan
  • Or The MissingLettr solo plan and
  • The MissingLettr pro plan

Every plan comes with a free trial, and you can cancel anytime.

The MissingLettr team has added a new feature – the MissingLettr Curate. This new add-on tool allows you to get more shares and traffic to your site. The tool allows you to curate your best content and offer it to others on the Curate platform for sharing.

You can also share others’ content.

You can call it a blogging pod or mutual sharing platform for bloggers and content marketers.

With the MissingLettr Curate Add-On;

  • You will build a good rapport with other bloggers and content marketers.
  • You also build and boost your brand recognition and reach.
  • More traffic and leads to your website

MissingLettr Alternatives

There are different social media marketing and automation tools, but none have combined the features as much as MissingLettr does.

Below are some MissingLettr alternatives and how they compare.

Table showing MissingLettr alternatives and their features (MissingLettr vs. Buffer vs. Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social vs. Oktopost)

If you have tried out any of these tools and haven’t found what you are looking for, you may want to try out MissingLettr.

Sign Up here at a Discount Price.

Is MissingLettr Worth the Money? – Final Thoughts

With MissingLettr breaking into the market, there have been many questions about whether MissingLettr is worth the money.

Some others have also asked if MissingLettr is the best social media tool for post automation in 2022.

To answer these questions, I can say that MissingLettr solves numerous problems many bloggers and social media marketers face. It also fills the gaps by providing features other MissingLettr alternatives lack.

This uniqueness of MissingLettr has made it a must-have amongst social media marketers and managers who want a more effortless and automated way of managing their blogs and social media accounts across all platforms.

You can start enjoying the benefits of MissingLettr by signing up for a trial version here

Finally, if you have any questions relating to this MissingLettr review or any question or feedback at all about using the tool, feel free to drop a comment below.

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